Kid on bike with space gun: coming soon to a movie theatre near you

So Stranger Things alerted the movie world to the fact that people like me will watch anything with a poster that looks like this. Accordingly, they have made a movie and released a poster that looks like this and accordingly, I am excited.
It’s from the producers of Stranger Things.

And Arrival, which I just realised I haven’t seen. This will be rectified.

It also contains Dennis Quaid and James Franco, kids on bikes and space guns. That’s all I need to know, but if you need more, here’s the blurb…

“A pulse-pounding crime thriller with a sci-fi twist from the producers of Stranger Things and ARRIVAL, KIN is the story of an unexpected hero destined for greatness. Chased by a vengeful criminal and a gang of otherworldly soldiers, a recently released ex-con and his adopted teenage brother are forced to go on the run after finding a futuristic super-weapon of mysterious origin as their only protection.”

They have released a trailer that suffers from that modern-day bane of being more than double the length it should be. So I warn you, stop watching after 1.20.
























2 thoughts on “Kid on bike with space gun: coming soon to a movie theatre near you

  1. You havent seen the series stranger things? We r only up to episode 5 but it is so gripping we are trying to make it last. We mix that with Westworld. P.s. we looove NZ, everyone who loves natire should go. See you soon!

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    • Sorry yes I just meant I hadn’t seen Arrival!
      I LOOOOOOOOVE stranger things.
      We also really liked Westworld S1 but have for some reason only watched S2E1 and not gone on. I have a bit of a habit of doing that. Afraid of commitment maybe

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